Why should you learn English from the English Learning Channel?

  1. You can learn in the most comfortable place in the world, your home! No one watching you, no one making fun of you just you and your teacher!
  2. You can learn whenever you want to learn, no worries about School classes, or office timings or any other time restrictions, and at the speed that you choose.
  3. You are not put in front of a computer all by yourself, answering difficult quizzes and puzzles, with no help. You have a real human person on the screen helping you with your problems and questions.
  4. How much will it cost? – The most important question isn’t it? Will it cost me a huge sum of money?-No! Our cost per hour is just what a teacher who teaches you face to face costs AND :
    • You do not have to travel to meet that teacher and sit in a noisy café while you are trying to understand what is being said, ask questions and make notes!!!
    • You do not have to bear the cost of the rent of the classrooms learning from a superstar Teacher in a fancy Institute.
    • You can test yourself, learn from interesting lessons and master the language with practice conversations with native English speakers overseas.

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