Course Content

  • English courses School Course
    • The Parts of Speech
    • Making proper sentences
    • Verbs
    • Tenses
    • Moods
    • Clauses, Phrases and Participles
    • Persons
    • Voices
    • Punctuations
    • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Pre-University and University Students Course
    • Reading and understanding
    • Writing about a topic
    • Social conversations
    • Correspondence letters to officials
    • Applications to universities
    • Clauses, Phrases and Participles
    • Writing a thesis
    • Summarizing a long essay
  • Business or Corporate English
    • Introductions at a meeting
    • Art of conversations
    • Business discussions and records
    • Report writing
    • Bank correspondence
    • Public relations
    • Advertising Agency briefs
    • Business correspondence
    • Executive summaries

English Language Speaking Course

Would you like to master the English language? Our speaking course has assisted those in Hong Kong, and around the world learn a new language with ease. From school and university students to business professionals, we can help individuals of all ages and walks of life to achieve their goal of learning a foreign language. Our English speaking course covers all of the essentials and includes areas specific to your needs, whether it is writing an essay, social conversations or business correspondence.

Learning Made Easy

For those who are wanting to learn a new language, it is important to find a course that caters to your learning style. Here at The English Learning Channel, we believe the easiest and best way to learn is the same way you learned your mother tongue as a child; by listening to others using the language and making associations. By using a great combination of workbooks, videos, live classes and more, we give our students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and make friends in the process. We understand that busy schedules make it difficult to fit in study, especially if you have to make your way to courses on a regular basis. That is why we do all we can to ensure our English language speaking course is as convenient as possible. With our speaking course, you can study in Hong Kong, Japan, India and right around the globe from the comfort of your own home. Now quality course material is as simple as logging onto your computer and taking advantage of our range of study options.
Ready to Get Started

To kick start your learning, simply select from our three study options available (school, pre-university and university and business). Once you have found the one that suits your needs, simply purchase online. Need more information? Contact us today to learn more.

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